Teleker brings home telemedicine and telecare to the next level


Teleker Hub

Interaction from TV

The main component of the platform is a processor connected to the TV via HDMI and to the outside world via WiFi, Ethernet or cellular. The user interaction is with the remote control. The hub has a camera allowing remote healthcare and assistance video conferences. The users can receive information and content, such as, those related to diets and physical activities and they can also perform neurological exercising being able to be remotely monitored. Teleker Hub also can be used to stay connected to social networks allowing the users to get in touch with their family and friends in a simple way or participate in games specifically designed.


Teleker Sat

Wereables integration

Smart watches play a key role for Teleker monitoring and second level of interaction. Teleker uses the smart watch's sensors to detect falls, accelerated pulse rates, receive help requests and send pills and treatment related activities reminders with a simple interface to avoid confusions. Users don’t need the watch paired to a cell phone as it’s directly integrated via Bluetooth Teleker Sats distributed in the different home spaces. The Sats also provide the support for indoor location services and using pattern analysis, the detection of anomalies in the regular activities. Teleker Sats also integrate safety related sensors and automation devices.


Teleker Ecosystem

Open Architecture

Teleker integrates medical devices from the largest manufacturers and provides the tools to let any company integrate their products to the platform. We also provide the interfaces for the integration of any healthcare management and clinical record system. We support also the widely adopted protocols for home automation. Likewise, the platform is open for service providers in areas such as nutrition, exercising, leisure, gaming or any kind of content that may be of interest to the Teleker’s users.


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